Traditional Rolf Method of Structural Integration sessions are all about working with your body.

traditional Rolf method of Structural Integration

Structural Integration centers around the idea that gravity is the true therapist. A skilled bodyworker will help you align with gravity by working with your body (not on it). Structural Integration teaches your body to experience a natural way of finding long lasting ease through alignment.


Structural Integration is about treating the whole being and is an integral piece of your self care and healing regime. Attending a series of Structural Integration sessions with Melbourne Movement Studios is like being inside your own private wellness retreat. We are dedicated to holding the space you need,  bringing you the information you want, to listening to you. We use a combination of evidence based rehabilitation practices (western) and gentle movements or meditation (eastern) to bring you home in your body.

We consciously curate our practice to be an awesome and sacred space for your healing journey.


We invite you to commence a new or continue your life long self care practice with us.


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