—Writer & mother of twins

Lala [Lauren] was all smiles and she greeted me with a warm hug. We started out the Rolfing session by chatting about the day, my stresses, and everyday life banter. The room had a cool feel to it. Cool as in blue, not cool as in dude, but maybe that too. I undressed into my sports bra and underwear and felt completely comfortable. To be honest, going into this I had no expectations, because I didn't know what the hell I was getting into. Lala blew my mind. She may be small, but she is strong and skilled.

She worked areas of my body that no deep tissues massage has ever been able to touch.

I felt relaxed as I looked to the old industrial window's of the front, and old planks of wood, It was beautiful. Lala made me feel comfortable, all while educating me about my own body, and basically taking me to heaven, because it felt so damn good. I left there feelings taller, lighter, and relaxed. As someone who suffers from anxiety and insomnia, I am pleased to report, I felt relaxed and happy all night, and I slept like a damn baby.

In conclusion, I am a skeptic and a realist, I don't buy into things that don't work. But I can tell you this, Lala knows what she is doing and whether or not you know what the hell Rolfing is, I strongly recommend that you just go see for yourself, you will not regret it. Lala will treat you like an old friend and make your body feel good again.


—Spa Owner & Massage Therapist

I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist for over 17 years and had been wanting to try Rolfing since I got my license! I never seemed to find the right fit in a practitioner until I met Lauren.

She gained my trust immediately and I felt comfortable around her from day one.

Not only is she extremely passionate and talented at what she does, but she is a wealth of knowledge about health/wellness in general and has helped me tremendously on my journey, not only with Rolfing, but in life! Highly recommended.


—Bartender & gym enthusiast

Having lived with chronic pain for the better part of a decade I've found Structural Integration Therapy with Lauren to be the single most effective pain management modality I have ever tried.

In 2007 I suffered severely herniated disc while running. I was very active in my 20's, spending my free time at the gym weight training, running outside or on a trail mountain biking.

After my injury, my physical health slowly deteriorated to the point where I could do none of those and my physical activity was reduced solely to practicing yoga several times a week in an effort keep the pain at bay.
I have learned that with pain management, trying new approaches is the key to healing. With that in mind I decided to give Structural Integration (or Rolfing) a shot. Having also spent thousands on Yoga, Chiropractors, Massage therapy and Acupuncture. I would describe Rolfing as a kind of physical therapy that focuses on manipulating fascia. While this sounds simple the impact on my aches and pains was astounding.

Over the course of my treatment my pain reduced dramatically.

Whereas before, I would begin everyday with twenty minutes of stretching followed by placing a heat pack on my lower back; After my therapy I hardly needed to stretch much at all, and the heat pack I never touch.

I began sleeping better too, not being woke up by aches in the night.

However, the biggest change Rolfing led to is after nearly a decade, I'm at the gym regularly. This has allowed me to address muscular imbalances that have contributed to my pain for years and finally put me on a path to really healing my chronic pain. Instead of simply managing it.  


— Registered Nurse & yogi

I wanted to try Rolfing because as a nurse, my body is put in a lot of awkward positions and I have to lift heavy patients as part of my job. My back and shoulders are always sore after a long shift. I've also had a difficult time correcting my poor posture for a long time. I've done yoga for years and have had all kinds of massages to help ease tension in my shoulders and back but the pain always comes back. A friend of mine raved about how great she felt after her first session with Lauren so I decided to try it as well. 

After only a few sessions, my body feels lighter and less tense. I am more aware my body movements and alignment as well as the positions I put my body in, both at work and at home;

which helps prevent further injuries. Lauren gives me "homework" assignments after each session so I feel like the work continues to benefit me after I leave. 
Lauren is a very warm and approachable practitioner, her calm and gentle demeanor puts me at ease during my sessions. Sometimes the work can be intense but she always guides me through it and explains what she's doing to make me feel comfortable.

For anyone wanting to try Rolfing, I highly recommend Lauren!