Prior to scheduling appointments, all first time clients must:

Traditional Rolf Method

one session ↦ $160

Please allow 90 minutes.

three series  $150/session, $450

Please allow 90 minutes per session.

ten session series ↦ $140/session, $1400

Pay in full for $10 discount per session.
Please allow 90 minutes per session.

The first session is a great introduction to the work. You can then decide if Structural Integration with us feels right, and if we decide to continue working together, you can opt for a 3 or 10 session series. Sessions usually last between 60 and 75 minutes, but occasionally a little longer. As the Structural Integration 10 sessions series is a cumulative process, weekly or otherwise regular appointments are suggested. 

We offer single sessions for travelers and those interested in being introduced or reintroduced to Structural Integration. Structural Integration is traditionally undertaken in a nourishing series of 3 or 10 weekly or bi-monthly sessions. Please talk to us about a schedule that best suits your current lifestyle and budget. 

What to expect

Consultation, posture & movement analysis, Structural Integration treatment specific to your needs, may include movement education & meditation.

Biomat Recovery

one session ↦ $55

Please allow 60 minutes

three session series $45/session, $135

Please allow 60 minutes per session

five session series ↦ $35/session, $175

Please allow 60 minutes per session


Neck & shoulders ↦ $35

Please allow for an additional 15 minutes

arms & hands ↦ $45

Please allow for an additional 20 minutes

feet & Legs ↦ $25

Please allow for an additional 30 minutes

We conduct all sessions on a handmade wooden table, atop an amethyst and tourmaline crystal filled mat. The mat which is completely filled with amethyst and tourmaline crystals, can be heated which is a welcome treat in the winter months, and emits far infrared rays to encourage healing via fluid circulation and cell detoxification. When coming to our home base we use all linen sheets which which are a treat for your skin! 

Just you and the Biomat, 45-60 minutes of pure relaxation or sleep, probably both! You will come off the mat knowing that deep healing in occurring in your body on a cellular level. We suggest for optimal healing to include an additional Biomat session for every Structural Integration session. Or if you are finished your Structural Integration series, why not purchase a once a week Biomat package for yourself to kick start a cleanse or to ease into your next phase of healing?

This work addresses the whole body structure in each session. The sessions are consecutive and require a commitment of both time and money. The Rolf SI series will address the structure holistically but does not include spot treatments, producing permanent and sometimes life changing results. These Biomat sessions are suitable for those wanting spot treatments, who aren't sure about committing to the series or who want a more budget friendly option. If you are already receiving bodywork or have a condition that might benefit from using the Biomat, these are a great option. 

Biomat packages are suitable for some chronic conditions that benefit from regular therapeutic touch and the healing properties of the Biomat. 

Add ons all include soothing actions i.e. cranial sacral which are used specifically to reduce stress and turn off the fight or flight response. 


One session ↦ $300

Please allow 60 minutes

contact us about packages

Yep! That’s right, two practitioners, four hands, all attention and intention on your structure. Prices vary based on location and experience of your practitioners. Appointments last anywhere between 45 minutes to an hour. Check out our Four-Handed page for more info on this incredible service. Four-handed Structural Integration is only offered in locations where our partner practitioners are available. Contact us for more information about Four-Handed Structural Integration and package discounts.