Biomat Recovery sessions help increase healing, removal of waste from the body, and improve circulation.

Biomat recovery structural integration

All our  sessions take place on a Biomat made from amethyst and tourmaline crystals, the bed releases far infrared and negative ions (we need these for stress relief and they are pretty hard to come by!). Lying on the bed helps improve fluid circulation in the body and encourages your cells to remove waste products which are circulated out of the body. We’ve seen Biomat sessions advertised for upwards of $100 dollars! But lying on the mat during your session is our complimentary offering to you.


If you want to up the healing and relaxation ante you can schedule additional mat meditation sessions. Just you and the Biomat, 45-60 minutes of blissful meditation or if you really want, a sneaky little afternoon siesta. 

Biomat sessions help increase healing, removal of waste from the body and improve circulation. The Biomat commonly used in Europe and Asia to aid recovery from a number of conditions (there is a plethora of information available online), and can promote physical i.e. after a car accident or sports injury, and emotional healing during times of stress. 


Opt for some relaxing neck and shoulder work too to ease you into a peaceful & present state.

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