Structural Integration

“An effective human being is a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.”

― Dr.  Ida Pauline Rolf
Biochemist and creator of the ROLF method of Structural Integration

a brief history

Dr. Rolf, the creator of Rolfing, believed very much in community involvement. At the epicenter of Rolf Structural Integration is the idea that the more embodied we are, the more self aware and able to positively affect the global consciousness we are, starting at a community level, the more people who feel vital, embodied and at home in their body, the better!

an intruduction

Rolfing isn’t ROFLING (Rolling on the floor laughing) or Ralphing (but we’ve heard all the jokes). Rolfing is about getting to know your body beneath the surface or getting reacquainted with your body as its most comfortable and liberated self.
Rolfing is a systematic approach to aligning your structure via the manual manipulation of the fascia. This involves skilful, professional and intuitive touch by a trained practitioner.
Designed by Dr. Rolf, the 10 series of Rolfing is a cumulative process, each session building on the work of the last session and prepares your body for the next. Dr. Rolf worked using the premise that ‘gravity is the therapist’, meaning when we are out of alignment, gravity literally pull us down, contributing to pain and tension, however when we are in alignment, gravity facilitates improvements in our structure. 
When our structure works with gravity, we can become naturally more ‘embodied’ and self aware, that is, we can live in relative ease, move freely and not be weighed down by negative emotions or physical discomfort. 
The series is designed to target the fascia, first removing existing strain from the whole body and then reorganising the body to improve balance, movement efficiency and energy. 
Each session has particular goals but is unique as the person receiving the work. How the practitioner and client achieves the session goals is dependent on the client’s structure, emotions, lifestyle, behaviours and movement patterns.