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“Her calm and gentle demeanor puts me at ease during my sessions. Sometimes the work can be intense but she always guides me through it.”

―  Chelsea M.,
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Lauren is an accredited Exercise Physiologist with a degree in Exercise Science and honors in physiology from Australian Catholic University.

Lauren undertook her Honors study (focusing on women’s health) with the Australian Institute of Sport. She specializes in self care and healing and has worked with sports teams, government organizations and universities.

Her exploration into eastern and western healing styles have taken Lauren across the globe to Europe, Vietnam, Bali, Mexico, Guatemala and Africa where she has sought out and observed local healers and spent time experiencing local self-care practices i.e. tai chi. She has liaised with local and national organizations both to learn and to share her research on human states of health and function, and has extensive experience in Women’s health, improving athletic performance and trauma/pain management. 

Lauren’s practical experience includes working in injury prevention with sports teams and 5 years of private practice in behavior change & movement education. She participated in a research partnership with the physical activity and health research sector of Australian Catholic University, which provided recommendations to local and state government organizations on how to improve their guidelines to provide to promote better health outcomes  for athletes and members of the community. She has lectured and tutored in Human Health, Exercise Physiology, Sports Psychology and Biology.

After she experienced her first traditional Structural Integration series (10 sessions), the door was opened to a new way of healing her clientele. She teamed up with a local practitioner to see if she was right, and the results were beyond anything seen previously. 

Lauren quickly understood that the Structural Integration method would offer an unprecedented healing advantage to her clientele, and she decided to pack it in and travelled to the majestic island of Kauai (Hawaii); to study with the most experienced practitioners in the world. 

Her subsequent studies in Structural Integration under renown mentors have now brought her to Salt Lake City, Utah where she has established the Melbourne Movement Studios. Lauren draws from her ever growing ‘tool box’ of skills, knowledge and intuition in her personal and professional practice.

Lauren’s lifelong commitment to serving her community is her greatest joy. Her mission is to synthesize the best of the different healing techniques she’s studied around the world, to provide the highest quality wellness and self-care outcomes for her clientele. 

Since establishing her business & home base in the USA, Lauren has taken her Structural Integration and Movement Education practice on the road, touring Australia, NZ, USA, Mexico and Canada to share her unique style of healing/Structural Integration with her local and international communities.