A contemporary approach to self care and wellness. Rolf Structural Integration and Movement Education

Heal yourself. Feel at home in your brain and body. Move from a foundation of comfort and ease.
Every. Single. Day. 


As experienced and qualified professionals, we have some epic techniques up our sleeves to address whatever is getting you and your body down. We know that you want a well-rounded approach to your training, healing, moving and living. We understand that finding the balance, or even getting close balance isn’t always easy. We hear you, and have the practices and knowledge to address your individual requirements.

“You cant get beyond the body unless you free the body itself.”

— IDA ROLF,  creator of Structural Integration


Our mission at Melbourne Movement Studios is to raise the bar in provision of self care practices whether you pay one or a thousand dollars for a treatment, your body deserves an attentive, intuitive, and knowing practitioner. We promise you will experience high quality holistic care based on world best practice, our international experience and high degree of professionalism.  

Ida Rolf Method

Structural Integration is a personal exploration. The Traditional Ida Rolf method of Structural Integration aligns and balances the body with gravity via skilled, intuitive touch. When the body is aligned it moves with ease, free from pain or discomfort. Biomat Recovery sessions help increase healing, removal of waste from the body, and improve circulation. If you're looking for something a bit more immersive, Four-Handed sessions  are a unique and deliciously intense experience.
Structural Integration centers around the idea that gravity is the true therapist. A skilled bodyworker will help you align with gravity by working with your body (not on it). Structural Integration teaches your body to experience a natural way of finding long lasting ease through alignment.


To receive a complimentary consultation, contact us. We'll jointly decide if working together will be a good fit, and whether Structural Integration is the right treatment for you. 


Over the course of my treatment my pain reduced dramatically.

— Cory,  Bartender & gym enthusiast

After only a few sessions, my body feels lighter and less tense. 

— Chelsea,  Registered Nurse & yogi